Blogging on a budget – Content Club recap

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Hillary Rock-Archer - Content Marketing Manager
July 11, 2017

Last week we launched Yappa’s Content Club with a quick fire ‘Blogging on a Budget’ workshop. In case you missed it, we’ve summarised it below. If you don’t want to miss the next one, RSVP now.


Why should your business blog and share content?

Almost every marketer knows that creating and sharing content is crucial to their success. Brilliant content engages, educates and creates empathy from your audience.

To get started you’ll need a blog mission statement

This is your reason for creating content. Your mission statement will act as a qualifier that every piece of content will have to pass in order to be published. Here at Yappa our content mission statement is to make content marketing easier for everyone. Through our blogs, videos, ebooks and more, we are constantly educating our audience on content marketing best practices, simple tips and actionable ideas. It’s important to note that our blog’s mission statement is not our business mission statement and isn’t directly linked to new business or sales. It is related to what our target market wants to read. We share our knowledge to build trust, grow our reputation and showcase our skills.

Step back from your screen to plan your content topics

In the workshop, we all agreed that topics and headlines are best brainstormed away from your desk and screen if possible. Take to a whiteboard or a wall and map the next 6 months in macro industry events and everything in between concerning your business. Use these occasions to educate your audience by turning them into headlines with ‘how to’s, ‘top 10’s and ‘what you need to know about X’.

Commit to your content

Make a little room in your busy schedule to give your content marketing a chance. Twice a month, take 2 hours. 30mins to plan your piece. 1 hour to write, including proofing, and then 30 mins to publish and promote via social networks and email marketing.

Types of Content:

LONG FORM – teaching someone something, using research
SHORT FORM – engaging and brand building
LIST FORM – encouraging engagement with site and social media traction

OTHERS: infographics, videos, images, case studies, ebooks, eshots, podcasts, articles, newsletters, photographs, presentations, webinars, white pages, interviews, quotes, testimonials…

Writing structure for short form

What 20% – explain the headline  (100 words)
Why 30% – what’s the impact of learning this?  (150 words)
How 50% – the meat of your article, people walk away with this valuable information (250 words)

Three killer writing tips to get you started

  1. Create headlines with immediately gratifying words that focus on education: How to, Our guide to, Our Top 5 etc
  1. Write what you know, talk about your experiences: Use stories to validate your knowledge and put your expertise into context
  1. Identify your brand tone of voice: Imagine the conversations you have in real life with your customers and try to replicate them in your content, including humour and language.

Our next Content Club will be held at Yappa HQ on Wednesday 26th July from 5:30pm. RSVP and come along to learn all about turning your great content into great campaigns. If you have any questions about what you’ve learnt so far or have ideas for future workshops, drop Hillary a line at

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