How it works, improving content
in real time


Yappa taps into the heart of your analytics and uses real-time data to rank your highest performing content.


Yappa uses AI to find out what qualities make your best content so successful for your audience and customers.


Yappa machine learning uses your new insights to offer real-time recommendations on live and new content, as you make it!

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Benefits to
teams and agencies

  • Manage your ROI on content production
  • Gain visibility on which content is working and why
  • Discover who is creating your Best Content
  • Use a Single source of truth for your content insights
  • Generate better and faster ideas for new content
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Benefits for
freelance content makers

  • All your Client content in one place
  • Easily share content as you make it
  • Get finished content signed off faster
  • Use real-time insights from existing content
  • Effortlessly collaborate with other freelancers
Still have questions? Read our FAQs

Hungry for more… read our FAQs

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • How does Yappa connect to my analytics?
  • Who is Yappa for?
  • How much does Yappa cost?
  • Looks like you're only doing website content right now, what about social media?
  • Why did you build Yappa in the first place?